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Real Solutions for Real Results

Harvestate Group, LLC works directly with private investors and syndications to identify investment opportunities that match their particular goals and needs. Once the investment is made, Harvestate Group manages the investment to monitor, evaluate and support its performance. Our business model is based on a promotion model, so that our primary compensation comes on the back end of a deal. This way, our interests remained congruent, aligned and mutually beneficial. Over the last several years, Harvestate has led the deployment of over $30,000,000 of equity into various developments on behalf of our investors and for our own portfolio. Those development projects have a market value of over $350,000,000 at build out.

Our average investment placement is between $1M and $5M, with some unique placements that fall on either side of those numbers. Returns vary with the type of investment. Most of our deals are residential or residentially driven mixed-use projects.

Customized Opportunities That Match Your Needs

Due to our unique relationships with banks, builders and developers, we offer a constant pipeline of investment opportunities. We listen to your investment objectives and then match them to create custom investment solutions. We’ll work diligently to find appropriate investments for you, depending on the project inventory available at any given point in time. In addition, we can also add you to our priority notification list for upcoming projects that match your investing objectives.

Planting Now to Harvest the Future

For additional information, please call Steve Patron, Managing Member at (609) 658-6004 (cell) to discuss your particular desires and investment criteria.