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Highly Specialized Real Estate Professionals Serving the Banking, Building Investor Communities

From repositioning failed projects to recapitalizing successful projects, the team at Harvestate Group deploys their unique skill set decades of experience to create value for property owners the investor community. The principals are highly specialized in New Jersey l use share a solid relationship with both public private builders. If you have a restructuring or recapitalization need let Harvestate Group help you reap the benefits that only proven experience can deliver.<
Uncovering Possibilities. Harvesting Value.

Asset Recovery

Harvestate Group, LLC specializes in the strategic repositioning of troubled projects non-performing loans. Our goal is to maximize returns for the lending, development investment communities.
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Real Solutions for Real Results

Real Estate Investing

Harvestate Group, LLC works directly with high net worth individuals to identify investment opportunities that match their particular goals needs. Once the investment is made Harvestate Group manages the investment to monitor, evaluate support its performance. Our business model is based on a promotion model, so that our primary compensation comes on the back end of a deal. This way, our interests remained congruent, aligned mutually beneficial.
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A Growing Success Story


Harvestate Group, LLC is a highly qualified team of real estate developers possessing decades of experience in New Jersey the surrounding northeast region. As developers we begin each project with a blank sheet of paper utilize our strategic relationships with public private builders, our professionals partnerships (lawyers, engineers, planners, consultants, architects, etc) our own proven know-how to position our development projects for the highest probability of success.
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(Harvestate Group)… turned my real real estate lemons into lemonade. Because of Steve his team… the Bank has fully recovered from the Great Recession. Read more…

– Stanley Koreyva
Chief Operating Officer, Amboy Bank

(Harvestate Group) offered an alternative solution… with a new platform that worked. We replaced debt with equity it has been a seamless process sound decision Read more…


– Peter J. Hovnanian
Principal, Hovnanian & Sons, LLC